Friday, February 18, 2011

full of "meh": bape messenger bag.

(via hypebeast)
not that long ago, one of the biggest and more influential streetwar brands of the early 2000's (i guess that's how you state it) bape sold to a chinese conglomerate for a total sum of (drumroll) 2.8 million dollars. though i was never into bape as much as my peers were, i just want to say that 2.8 mil is not alot of money. that's the cost of 2 houses in the bay area. surprising me this morning was this bape messenger bag. judging by the plastic strap clip, and the general tendencies of bape, this is just a bag that looks cool. cant say it's waterproof, cant say it's functional daily. it's just another streetwear brand accomodating a different market. meh.


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