Friday, February 18, 2011

back breaker: jerry's pursuit

(via pristine)
i love pursuit frames as much as the next person, but even i'm saying this is mad. everything is sooo proper (sans the foot straps.. come on.. this thing deserves a little better), but damn... wouldnt you have spine damage and end up paralyzed for 5 minutes after each ride? 650c front, corima disc in the back- who wouldnt risk their bone structure and well being for a ride on this thing?



Anonymous said...

24" front

Gabriel Nogueira said...

It seems to be pretty comfy for a commuter bike. Very functional indeed. :)

J.mika'ele said...

if that's a 24 inch front, i wish the owner can see me clapping right now. bra-vo, that shit is awesome....