Tuesday, February 22, 2011

everything sounds better with "pro" at the end: chrome kursk pro

think about it, raleigh rush hour... raleigh rush hour pro... fuji track... fuji track pro... chrome kursk... chrome kursk pro... whatever the pro means, it means you can utilize clipless pedals for these sneakers. i reviewed a pair of their regular kursks, and found them to be nothing short of awesome (until a lace got caught in my chainring going 30 mph and destroyed my right shoe :sadface: ). unlike the pair i destroyed, the pros add a full shank plate, and SPD compatibility. looks like they reinforced the ankle so it wont fray, and blacked out the sidewall logo as well. over all it's looking like a really promising shoe.

just wish i can get my destroyed kursks replaced =\ (you hear me chrome?)



Corinne said...

we hear ya! did you know there is a lace garage to prevent that very thing from happening?? ;) i'll be in touch soon, man!

bhsk said...

just got your email corinne! i'll respond to it as soo as i can! (and yes, i'm dumb for the lace garage thing) =]