Thursday, January 13, 2011

the questionable happenings of brooks leathercraft: Hampstead Holdall

(via brooks)
"alright jmik, so you found a fucking purse", and yeah, i guess that's what it is. see here at BHSK HQ, we're not afraid to say our opinions about wierd stuff that comes out. case in point: the Brooks Hampstead Holdall duffle backpack rolltop thing. premiering at the berlin bread and butter tradeshow, this is a great example of a product that's trying too hard.

dont get me wrong, the veneer of the bag is straight brooks, but what the hell will you use this for? No one in their right mind would strap this to their touring bike and well...tour with this. it's too nice. it's a duffle bag, with a roll top. perfect for hipters who need to do laundry (and therefore, lack socks) as illustrated BY BROOKS:

as you can see, the thing is a behemoth; but that doesnt make it very functional! what apparently makes it functional is the adjustable straps which make the bag into a backpack- though it fails at that too because it's not at all waterproof. well at least you can do brake endos on your polo bike with it.

lets be frank here, i wouldnt be able to afford it nor would i buy one if i had the chance to. i feel as if it's only made for a pro cyclists traveling duffel bag and nothing more. oh, well you'd look good toting that at a tweed ride or something i guess- whatever, that last picture got to me though. i feel like this bag is trying to do too much, and the aim of that last picture targets the wrong demographic.

shouldve done that last pic with the islington rucksack. now that's a good combination of modern shape and usage with brooks heritage. this is just...frilly and aimed at the wrong crowd (unless youre that hipster that needs to wash his socks).


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