Thursday, December 16, 2010

who is Al, and why is he so important?

(via slum)
everyone including me is psyched about the specialized P-Fix line. as much as some people hate specialized for being a big company, an equal amount of people love specialized for being down to earth and actually reachable in morgan hill (which is like 20 min from san jose). slumworm said some words about the man who's making the P-Fix line happen, Al Boneta:

"Al Boneta is our go to guy over @ Specialized, and he is the man behind it all. He's the one in charge the development of the WT PFIX Bike. This whole project has been his baby for more than 6 months now. None of this would have ever happened without Al being there to back the bike and push it into production. The guy grew up working bike shops, and riding BMX as a kid. He understands the lifestyle, because he was a part of it, and isn't just another schmuck in a suit. The man has poured his blood, sweat, and tears into this bike, and I don't know where this project would be without him."

cheers to Al and the whole wheeltalk crew!


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