Thursday, December 9, 2010

support your local california locals: ignoble bags

i recently got an email by some dude who found my blog through google. i find that crazy since i dont think the blog is even that popular as compared to the alternatives. whatever it is, that dude just happened to be the guy that runs ignoble, a small Los Angeles based men's brand that produces style-conscious black backpacks. considering that a bag similar to this most likey will come from VAGX or SAG (overseas), it's great to know that there's a company making similar or better ones state side.

featured is their MONA "coocoon" backpack which utilizes a crazy storage system. constructed from ultra-durable, ultra-sleek materials, with a 230t nylon exterior, YKK branded nylon zipper closures and nylon herringbone trim, this backpack can take on whatever you got. see more at ignoble!


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