Monday, October 25, 2010

massive video post: firdauz, LAB, Giant, Congo, DUDE YOURE GOING THE WRONG WAY, murder.

as you cant tell by my intense lack of recent content, i'm behind because of the recent contest i threw up here in chico- that will come later, but first, let's get all these videos off of my firefox windows, shall we?

The Ride of Firdauz Haron from duraath on Vimeo.

first up is Firdauz Haron. he rides 22 km (13 miles) every day back and forth along a hella busy freeway out in malaysia. bout time we see some super mashing videos. what amazes me is that he's riding what appears to be an eighthinch scrambler. yeah, steel! impressive.

LA Brakeless Crew from ZLOG on Vimeo.

looks like zlog spent some time in so cal by featuring some dudes representing LAB. lots of solid riding bu Dylan, Josh, Alfonso, and Joe. You may remember all this talk about joe a while back when he ripped up LA's BFF...

"Amoeba" | Mike Giant & Derick Montez from Justin Gallagher on Vimeo.

while not necessarily a fixed gear focused thing, this video features 3 icons of san fran- D. Montez, Amoeba records (if youre ever in the city, you MUST go there), and Mike Giant. lovin this shit.

REVOKED INTRODUCES CONGO from Chris Fonseca on Vimeo.

dude, we know who you are. now, what i noticed here is that congo doesnt slam his seat- remember what i talked about a few posts ago? whatever ya'll probably dont care about my thought process. fonseca really knows how to make you laugh and then put a crazy cliffhanger at the end...

Backyard Mini(velo)drome from Ryan Green on Vimeo.

out in murfreesboro there's some guy with a minidrom in his backyard. cool. NOW GO THE RIGHT WAY. THE TURNS ARE LEEEEEEFT. that irked me a little too much...

calming down from what youve seen before, the murder of courier project remembers a slow thursday in october. i'm used to some metal song and dudes crashing into taxis, but this is vastly different than what we've seen. it's kind of nice to slow down. i really cant wait for this project to jump off!

nice! i'm all caught up!


keyzerjf said...

that velodrome sucks, super shallow bank = no speed.

J.mika'ele said...

right? the one built for redbull in new zealand was way better: indoor, wood, and fast.

and they were going the right way. LEFT TURNSSSSS!