Friday, October 22, 2010

didnt see that one coming: eighthinch cyclocross.

(via eighthinch)
with eighthinch putting alot of their focus on the fixed freestyle market, i was beginning to believe that this wouldnt see the light of day for another few months. and the great thing is, the UCI legalized disc brakes. so now it's back to the factory to make a version that accepts disc brakes! it's looking really promising for singlespeed cyclocross.

speaking of cyclocross, dont forget that the SSCXWC is coming up tomorrow!



keyzerjf said...

UCI rules don't govern USAC events, so it doesn't affect us in the States. Moreover, in Chico, the closest cyclocross is either in Redding or Sacramento--both of which are amateur events, with no rulebook. MTBs and disc brakes are common in CX here.

Redding CX:

Sacramento CX:

J.mika'ele said...

Thanks for the clarification jon! and thanks for coming out on sunday even though the weather was shady.


keyzerjf said...

word, sunday was great, the weather was just fine.