Tuesday, October 19, 2010

brah, wheah you stey?: aloha fixed

unreleased from ALOHA FIXED on Vimeo.

it's funny, i know where most of these spots are from going to hawaii every year to visit my grand parents. it's also weird that i know that i can completely understand the inside jokes from the pidgin (haaaaaa lil shane is one moke! faka you crazy!). i really like the aloha fixed crew- while the rest of these heads are concentrating on bigger air, and smaller wheels, aloha fixed is doing some crazy weird stuff. lindsey's FREESTYLE stuff, Tanner's fast ass stuff (on a pk snapper nonetheless), in addition to alex, gary, erik, ryan, travis, and lil shane's sections make a really great edit. next time i'm on the island, i want to meet you guys!



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