Thursday, September 2, 2010

where have i seen this before?: benny benassi tours california on his "fixie"

(via sf weekly)
in a pure attempt at hipsterism, world renowned dj benny benassi is planning a tour of california on his bicycle- i mean fixie. claiming to be the first ever to do such a thing, its hipsterism at it's best. electro dj, check. KeWl FiiXiiEz, check (well technically, it's a handbuilt i-tal-yun bike, but you be the judge). claiming to be the first, check. lets face it, i've seen bands tour on their bicycles between many a county previously and i'm super sure that oneone has dome something similar to this before. i like benny, i do. that satisfaction song will get anyone hype. but rides up and down california have been done before. mash anyone?

i aint mad at ya benny. do your thing. see more here.


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