Thursday, September 2, 2010

volume x resist splined prockets

(via volume)
staggering news from volume, theyre develpoing a new line of parts dubbed resist.
"Some of you guys probably are wondering what the hell happened to the
Volume Stamp sprockets we showed samples of awhile back. Volume started
to make too many parts that we swore Volume would never do, Volume was
always to be a frame, fork and bar company.  We decided to start a new
parts brand, Resist Parts.
 Resist will focus on parts for fixed, 26” and our new line of commuter
bikes. It’s endless on what the possibilities are for Resist. The
natural progression of Volume in making new lines of frames, Resist will
always be able to supply the parts

hmmm 26" parts? volume's dipping their toes into DJ bikes now? radical.


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