Thursday, September 2, 2010

oh what's up fbm: sword sq frame

FBM Sword SQ - Irock Blue
(via fbmfixed)
a while back, the fbm sword was one of the bigger contenders in the fixed freestyle realm. all of a sudden, we didnt hear from fbm's fixed division for a while. they recently ce up with a polo prototype, but that was the last thing we've seen. seeing something from FBM's fixed division is always jaw dropping- so this sword sq should be of great significance to you. this is a track frame. yes, A TRACK FRAME. with TRACK GEOMETRY. yeah, those still exist! to the untrained eye it looks like a later model sword, but what sets this apart, is the top tube and the downtube. why? it uses true temper OX platinum steel. the tubes have 195,000 psi strength throughout with no weak points (source). er go, this thing could be put through the wringer and come back unscathed.

in addition to the apt "IROCK blue" (a tip of the hat to the all badass IROC camaro?), it will also come in raw and utilizes an internal headset. need to see moaaaar!


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integrated not internal