Tuesday, September 7, 2010

nerding out on cars: GREDDY x volume

(via volume)
correct me if i'm wrong, but i thought GReddy went bankrupt almost exactly 2 years ago? i'm not into import cars, but i know my way around that stuff; greddy formulated the technology to make the power hungry nissan GTR (not a skyline in america, but we all know that it is...) faster with a bigger turbo. what's awesome about this is the parts that greddy made for bikes like this hub:
bigger hub= shorter spoke length=more strength. looks like they also have some wierd faceplate thing going on as well as a special nut. they also made these crazy ass 4 spline drive cranks, pedals, stems, brakes and sprockets (even with bashguards!)

damn, greddy disappears and reappears 2 years late making fixed freestyle parts? not sure if the parts will hold up of keep epople satisfied due to the exclusivity of it (4 spline wierdness, special nuts for hubs, not alot of room for interchangability). they look cool, but i'm not thoroughly convinced...



Kyle T said...

where do you buy?

J.mika'ele said...

no where yet, but i'm gonna keep posted.

Tinj said...

I'm not sure if they went bankrupt but they have been coming out with new products since then, most recently they came out with a twin turbo for the 370z. Awesome find by the way, I love cars and bikes and the two don't usually go hand in hand.