Thursday, September 23, 2010

the 26" slumworm fixed by...

(via prolly)
i have to give it up to prolly, he's really keeping everyone updated on interbike for those who couldnt go (me). so for that, thanks. now there have been pics circulating around about the wheel talk (WHEEL TALK! sorry i had to) crew riding their own frames. being from their area i was baffled as to who was making them knowing that there arent alot of frame builders in the south bay that would be down. and i know that they're out riding all the time (or working at imd) so i took the dudes out of the equation for making their own frames (not trying to diss).

turns out it's none other than morgan hill's own Specialized.

wait, what? after alot of thought, it makes sense. garrett chow of mash worked out the globe line, so why not take in the gilroy groms down the road who are doing dirt jumps on fixed gears? i mean, initally it's odd seeing one of the bigger companies get into the fgfs scene, and really it's a big sign of the times.  being backed by the company that brought us the stump jumper and the big hit, i'm actually really excited and surpisingly not disappointed. john says that the PR&D team at specialized's dirt line is looking forward to putting 14mm hubs on there too, as well as alot more developments to the frame!


//edit// john posted more with all the logos and such on the bike! go check it out:

super compact ratios! woo!


Al said...

At Specialized we have Garrett Chow doing Globe and you get the Roll.
We have Don Langley and you get the Langster Track bike
And now from Specialized P Series we have the P Fix.I did most of the development on this bike.
Three different development teams, three different fixed gear experiences.

J.mika'ele said...

at the point where people are becoming more and more tuned to the idea of a track bike being different than a fixed freestyle bike than a fixed commuter, developments this big are few and far between. and yeah, youre right al, the roll, langster (steel, alu, and s-works), and the upcoming p.fix are a flurry of very different machines.

thanks for responding al, the internet is going crazy over those hubs! i seriously want to try to run a ridiculous ratio on them... hope to hear from you again soon!