Wednesday, August 25, 2010

prolly swag surfin': mishka x prolly fitted

(via prolls)
if john prolly and i met in person ever, the internet would explode. HA! nah in all seriousness, john is the shit- who else do you know has their own new era hat with the likeness of themselves on it? right now, it's in the pre-order stage but i'm sure that'll run though once the ball gets rolling. it's $45 to pre order in the us, $55 out of the states, which is great considering how new era hats are 35-40 bucks and shipping is expensive period. in addition to that, it's got mishka all over it, and a DART logo on the side- impressive to your hypebeast friends. lawl.

congrats prolly, i'll order mine once i figure out my financial situation!


ps. john, if youre reading this, can i get some stickers?

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