Saturday, August 14, 2010

PHOENIX. v2 straps now at pedal consumption


so you know them phoenix straps that youve seen everywhere but stateside (unless you're a test rider, then in that case you already have a pair)? you can finally get them at PC. here'e are some words about them i pulled from zlog by jacob ruff:

"Installing them was a breeze and they fit really snug on my pedals. The
velcro strap system is quite unique in that it is comprised of two
different layers that are independently adjustable. The first layer
adjusts the tightness of the strap around your shoe and the second layer
acts as a barrier to protect the first. This also provides some extra
padding and enhances the overall comfort of the strap.

i briefly saw them on donghoh han's setup, they look pretty beefy to me and i heard they're pretty effective design wise. usually in single fat strap frs' you're either employing a fold-strap or a sandwich-strap (or if youre BO, you have something entirely different). the phoenix straps use what looks like to be a fold-strap design with a second layer twist. it's quite genius if you ask me.

now i'm not tied to phoenix in any way shape or form, so i'm gonna say what everyone is thinking: goddamn that's a big-azz logo. just sayin' dude... i dont think i need to look down to remind myself what single fat strap frs i'm running. shiiiiet.... they look good and effective, but damn... really? GET YOURS NOW.


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