Saturday, August 14, 2010

dont steal tools, ho (ho ho) : coco's toolbox

okay, within a few days i have become ridiculously into coco's. here's a backstory:

"A few months ago, a customer borrowed and broke our Sugino bottom
bracket tool. Granted, it was not a Campagnolo tool set, but they don't
make that Sugino tool anymore and we used it all the time.'You broke our Sugino bottom bracket tool!' It was more an exclamation of surprise than anything else. 'It was a cheap tool!' was the reply. Whew. That was a bummer. We learned a few hard lessons that day. Like, don't loan a customer a hammer.

as a result, coco's did something special with their toolbox:

(via cocos)
ah, complete with a huge house industries sticker and a pin up devil on the side. damn, i remember how badly i wanted a house ind. jersey when i first saw one. oh yeah, and if you do happen to steal that 15mm wrench (mine always tend to "disappear") santa is watching you:

coco's at it again with the awesomeness.


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