Friday, August 13, 2010

confusion leads to awkwardness: the 2011 felt tk2

(via prolls)
like the lot of you, i am a fan of the felt tk2. it's a very underrated bike that you normal see on the track. as a complete bike, the tk2 was a crazy value. i mean, the thing came with the highly sought after black omniums- you cant argue with that. i only have one thing that's on my mind when i see this: what the fuck are those bars doing? are they drops? are they bullhorns? are they drops trying to be bullhorns? are they bullhorns trying to be drops?  (i know, they're those 3t bars that try to emulate a drop with hoods/brake setups. why couldnt you get them nifty fake hood things?). i'm thoroughly baffled.


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