Friday, August 13, 2010


(via affinity)
it's been too long since affinity announced that they would be releasing a fixed freestyle frame. after being around a gen 1 cyclone and seeing how much progression had been made in the fixed freestyle world as well as to this frame, its safe to say that the cyclone is ridiculously well thought out. the geometry has changed as the riding has changed significantly- you may recall the first proto having more of a track geometry with a horizontal tt (that really brought me to the cyclone, it didnt look like a trick bike until you saw that "A" brace). now the new features include clearance for larger tires as well as 2 different selections for forks: a 410 a to c, and a 400 a to c; this is a great concept since that space could mean a more relaxed or aggressive ride. i'm telling you, you can slam the shit out of this bike. sell the setup you're riding now, and get one here.


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