Tuesday, August 3, 2010

another fixed freestyle frame: leafcycles' automatic

(via leaf)
the german bike company is at it again with their next frame, the automatic. with all this fixed freestyle stuff, i feel like im being bashed in the head being forced to post this stuff. yet i cant ignore that new stuff looks cool and er go, is on this post. quite frankly i like how this design isnt burdened with extreme gussets and has some classy design elements (i.e. the dropout detail as well as the long seat tube). it's straigtforward and simple- no curved seat tubes, crimps here, cuts there... it's actually a frame that isnt afraid to bump a 3 stair but not look entirely like a fgfs machine. well, actually a gusset would be nice.. at least on the dt... and other sizes too...


1 comment:

Nick said...

Hey - Maybe the V2 will come with a gusset! :)

In the meantime we built one of these frames up... Nice.