Tuesday, August 3, 2010

yet another FRS: korea's krop

(via LSD)
it's interesting to see now many ways of the fat strap frs finds itself. hell, even pryme (yes, pryme) the bmx helmet/glove company is making their own version. now i wouldnt go as far to say it's hype since they actually serve a purpose and every FRS feels and is made differently. although....some have the same schematic i.e. buckle system or velcro layered system (and it shows, you can see the similarities). the krop straps utilize a velcro centered system that implements recycled materials. it's cool, but it's not something we've already seen before.

hell, everyone makes frs'. some people even make their own. will people ever stop making these even though it's at a point where creativity in design is lagged? nah.


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