Friday, July 9, 2010

keyword questions: 7.8.10

hey it's just about that time again. i looked on my keyword searches and i found a good little batch to work with! hope i could make someone happy.

id42 rim iminusd review.
it's shit. hahaha no, not really. i ran them and i can say i was quite pleased with them. they didnt get hops or warped out of true. the only thing i hated about them was the width. be prepared to break some tire levers, or even sacrifice your rim's look by using metal levers. it takes some WORK to put 28c randonneurs on if you dont have a bead jack. ultimately that's why i sold my imd- i couldn't stand putting tires on. but with the right combination, you wont be changing tubes for months anyway. oh, and i never liked the braking surface, it mad my rim look small compared to a b43/hplus.

downhill fixed gear tailwhip
i would LOVE to see that. hahaha

shortyfatz 8 series review
the frame is amazing. i'm not saying this because i'm a friend of matt and sammy, i'm saying this because i rode it, and i have seen the craftsmanship of the bike. the eccentric hub allows for a vertical drop out which functions flawlessly and makes tire release and chain tensioning a breeze (you dont have to make sure it's straight or blah blah blah). this thing could also take a mean beating as well (it's a handcrafted bike, so it HAS to be built). it's one of those things where youre skeptic until you see one in person or ride one yourself. i mean, i could be ranting right now and you could be like "dude, you know those guys, you're just plugging them"- no i'm being dead serious man, shorty fatz' bikes are dope and worth every penny. made in the usa and even better, san jose.
(via shortyfatz)

republic bikes crap
yes. yes they are.

shiftable fixed gear
unfortunately it exists.

(via felt)
sturmey archer makes an internal 3 speed called the s3x. how i-fucking-ronic,if the 3 was an E, it would say sex. why would you want this? doesnt that defeat the whole purpose? it's frilly i say, frilly...

okay, i'll stop it there. if you have any questions you would like to be answered (stupid ones will be ignored or shun upon) shoot me a message via the contact page.


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