Thursday, July 8, 2010

iminusd slaps: slaylor scraps, six-six, stickers, and spandex

alot has been happening at the shop i'm closest to. even though i no longer have my rear iminusd wheel, i kinda miss it. anyway- if you dont know what iminusd is, i'm not sure if there's any help for you. every time i'm back in san jose i always take some time to stop by the shop- and every time they're doing bigger and better things. if youre in the bay area PERIOD, you need to stop by the shop. let's start big:

PFG: Daniel Torres from Kenny Arimoto on Vimeo.

that's sketch. a six flat six. hey, go big or go home i guess. this is daniel torres of peninsula fixed gear (PFG)- you know who else reps PFG...

Old Flip Cam Scraps from Taylor Dwight on Vimeo.

SLAYLOR! where've you been bud? hope youre healing up nicely man!

(via imd)

okay, so i like stickers. in addition to the cool background on them, they added another f-word to the mix. now with ri-de fixed and ri-de fakie, there's ri-de fast. love that shit.

(via lockedcog)

mark wont even let san jose fixed see this unless they come by the shop. but it looks like kris got the only sneaky pic of the long awaited iminusd/sjf louis garneau kit. and that probably doesn't even do it justice. for sure, i'm getting those armwarmers (i dont want to piss off the cycling community of chico by wearing a full jersey on my lager. the bmx cranks and the riser bars are already controversial as it is lol).

imd does big things. keep it coming!


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