Saturday, July 17, 2010

gap, gap, gap, goose: SWOOOOOOOOO

Sungwoo Kim - Summer 2010. from swoo on Vimeo.

"Swoo is a really good friend of mine here in Toronto and he has been absolutely killing it on a bike as of late. I remember when I first met him about a year ago he could barely do any tricks and now he's impressing people left, right and center. Swoo and I worked on putting together this edit that recently landed him on All City Cycles, congrats dude! The full edit took about two weeks to complete and the final banger at the end had me real nervous for his safety, that line is serious business. I expect you'll see more from this kid real soon and his skills only seem to be improving with everyday. Again congrats on the new sponsor Swoo! You killed it!"
i'm so happy for this kid because that last line is banging and that he landed all city right after so he doesnt have to go through his soggy setup. damn, doing that many stairs is BOSS. i'm totally making letters like those above too... congrats!


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