Sunday, June 20, 2010

well, at least it could be featured on hellaflush: ferdinand GT3 RS

if you know me, i'm a fan of the german automobile industry. the only german cars i dont like are the ones made in bravaria (YEAH, THATS RIGHT I DONE SAID IT). so many great things come from germany... oktoberfest... sausages... beer... lederhosen... radball (stemming from the german word fahrrad maning bicycle)... volkswagens.... i like germany so much that after my 3 years of spanish i took in highschool, i decided to take german in college (worst decision of my life, but i dont regret it- i actually understand this dude when he talks!). this caught my eye when i saw the letters and number "GT3 RS". i saw the title thinking ferdinand was a tip off to ferdinand porche or some tuning company. i was a little confused when it happened to be a replica... but it's a replica powered by bicycle. so i guess it counts as something that could be put on here. dude needs to shift though...

is it just me or you would think that some japanese show would make something like this already?


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