Tuesday, June 15, 2010

straight outta gilroy: Slumworm- wheel talk

last time we saw slumworm he was hucking a leader in a san jose skatepark. cool thing about it was it wasnt a 729trk like you're probably thinking. get this, it was a leader 725 with a 24' front wheel. good looking? not really. awesome with a total "FUCK YOU" to 700c, 26", and track bike purist (and possibly 24" bmx purists)? yes. in any case, alot of local san jose/gilroy spots make an appearance in this edit like the infamous gilroy outlets, guadalupe river park, san jose city hall, and "quantum"/ san jose state. what surprised me was all the dirt jumps. ive seen pictures, but i reallne never got a feel for how nuts these dudes are until i saw the edit. of and remember what i said about taking tight dirt corners? this proves my point. damn i wish i had my bike set up right now. good stuff matt!

OH and before i forget,

slumworm also won the second week of fyxation x chrome's contest! congrats!


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