Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SE PK Ripper prototype leak by Marwin "THE WIZZZAAAARDD" Ou

(via marwin's fb)
Marwin posted this up 15 minuted ago and i went apeshit (you know how i get with SE stuff). now, judging by the weld size, this thing is still aluminum much to the dismay of me as well as many other people. however, the gusset seems to have improved and so has the clearance for barspins. i can definitely tell you that those chukkers are specifically for the pk ripper (remember the previous pk's came with orange and blue exclusively?). another thing that's new is the chainwheel which SE gave a sneaky peaky earlier this month. this is way more solid than the previous generation, but seriously... SE CAN YOU PLEASE... PLEASE... FOR THE SAKE OF ALL OF US... WE ARE BEGGING.... PLEASE... MAKE THIS STEEL, NOT ALUMINUM.

unfortunately i dont see that happening anytime soon with the SE x UVT frameset coming later in the year.

snap the shit out of this one marwin, and tell SE (for me and for every SE fixed gear fanatic out there) to make this shit with steel.


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