Tuesday, June 15, 2010

it's coming: DVS x Cadence summer/fall, holiday 2010

i cant wait for this stuff to drop. before nike sb became accessible to me i used to run DVS berra 4's. i ran them until i had holes in the soles and through the toeboxes. that combined with cadence's awesomeness may have created one of the best collections of useful and functional apparel ive seen.

i see what you did there...
i'm really psyched for this jacket. rear pockets? YES.

now it seems like there's 2 different versions of the milan ct coming out. there's this one which is part of the summer/fall collection...

and these two from the holiday collection. this waxed canvas version is looking pretty rugged. look's like im gonna be holding out for those ones! there's also these two shirts:

we all know and probably have experienced that first shirt, but what's going on with that white shirt? anybody?

dustin, you really outdid yourself with this one.
see for yourself here and here.


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