Thursday, June 3, 2010

right when i was about to leave SE: SE x Us Versus Them

(via se)
right as i wanted to retire my 08 lager to a commuter/go fass bike and look for a more fixed freestyle specific frame, SE comes out with this. the pk ripper is cool but it wasnt really intentionally made for fixed freestyle (hence chris fonseca's nickname of the "PK snapper"). super long dropout, hour glass BB, no rear brake hole, cut out seat tube for slamming rears, integrated seatpost clamp- its all there. slap the 700c landing gear and you pretty much have something that's dialed. not sure what the name of it is though...

"SE Bikes & Us Versus Them have joined forces to
bring to market a super cutting edge, new school fixed gear freestyle
specific frame. "With heavy influence from our team, Todd Lyons (SE
Brand Manager ) & I sat down with our riders, gathered their input,
did a ton of research and put all of our ideas into motion. We have no
doubt that this will become one of the most sought after fixed gear
freestyle frames ever!"

i want one.


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