Thursday, June 3, 2010

joey krillz says "DONT STEAL BIKES BRO (or wheels)"

"I was just rolling up Sullivan street an hour so ago and I see this guy looking mad suspicious with latex gloves on yanking on this wheel thats on this bike still locked up. I say "is that yours?" and pull out the camera. The rest you can see from the following video until my card got filled...

Then i called the cops and they came and he tried to flip it on me, but the owner of the wheel came by and confirmed that he did not know this guy and he got arrested. By the way, he is the super at 115 Sullivan street in manhattan. He took the wheel in there and tried to hide it and say i had an accomplice. DONT STEAL BIKES BRO. NYC
good shit joey! remember kids, lock up your shit- or at least make your set up as ugly as you can and as recognizable as you can. wonder why i have so many stickers? would a thief want to take the time to take all of them stickers off? didnt think so.



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