Thursday, June 3, 2010

massive video post Pt I: competitive nature.

i know i know the lag is becoming unbearable, but i have finally got my ass in front of a computer screen to bring this to you. this time around i have to split the massive video post up into two sections- hella shit has been going on, not only with me, but with these edits too!

not sure where this went down- something tells me it wasnt stateside. there's just so much going on- i really want a goldsprints setup so i can do shit like this!!! the only part i'm not sure about is that broad pouring booze on that guy's back while he's sprinting... i would get irked hella bad...

you gotta admit, the japanese have a certain steez factor to the way they ride. i'm not trying to be racist, but it's something i have observed. i mean, that line at 6:00... WOW. and had jun landed any of his tricks.... hot damn! im not sure if he landed anything! he won, but for serious... he didnt land anything! hahaha! in this, you also see the tuxedo thong too. oh and i would like to add something: if there was ever a kareem shehab lookalike contest, i would put all my money on yu. just saying.

goddamn! hell track is just that: hell...track. could you imagine hucking yourself down stairs like that? SKETTTTCHYYYYY! makes me wonder if anywone to a dive over their bars on that section... it wasnt all racing however- there were some fgfs lines in there. oh and a dude running around NSFW style.

i would love to visit new zealand one day. this event looked hella chill- basketball, some sketch trannys and manny pads, even a dude on a full on track bike jumping ramps and a modern day p-far! by far my favorite part was the breakdown at 1:37 HAHAHAHA!!!! but after 2:18 tyou see the quickest series of amazing shots i've ever seen. the finals looked like it was a pretty even match-up.


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Gunnar said...

That goldsprint is called Rock N' Rollo, and took place at Curitiba, BRAZIL. Actually the first goldsprint races in Brazil. Blame the FixaCWB crew for making things like that happening... Check out more about us here: