Thursday, June 3, 2010

massive video post II: travelers and non-travelers.

first and foremost, this soundtrack is bangin at parts... whoever did that mix- genius. for those who dont know where the four oh sevs is, that's orlando florida. i see water street sessions in this one! you know what that means? SLOWWWWW MOOOOO LAMARCHE TUCKKKKK!! you also get some extreme "cart"ing as well as rapping kids and other drunken shenanigans. oh, and tony fast. i guess...

i want to see this landed!!!

it's been a while since ive seen something come from RVA. alot of grindage in this one- it's nice. but damn dude... that ratio... is killing me... damn... such a small chainwheel dude....

dont know how i missed this one a while back... with one of the most recognizable styles of riding, yu is the epitome of fixed freestyle. line from 1:10 to the end is siiiick, and those mount/dismounts are on point too.

my former roomates are from chicago and their band plays in milwaukee all the time. that being said, the distance between milwaukee and chigago isnt that far, but hey- it's still a distance. that first spot looks fun as hell... and that bike bump at :47- nuts. stick around to the end for a nice surprise.

looks like the lockedcog crew has been busy. lol @ fonseca busting out the intl. players anthem on the ground. is it just me or are brad's grips still falling off? anyway, be sure to look out for kris (the personality shot guy) on the cultur road trip with all the heavy hitter dudes starting off in texxxass.


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