Sunday, June 20, 2010

Major: the major taylor movie.

if you do not know who major taylor is, you need to know. he's one of, if not, the greatest track cyclist to ever grace the sport. not only that, he was american. not only THAT, he was black. he was the fastest man on two wheels. the worcester whirlwhind, they called him... the black cyclone- dude was fast. in his first professional race, he lapped the peloton. abroad, he was celebrated as he won races; at home he was discriminated and harassed. mind you, the war against discrimination wouldnt come until decades after his death in the 1930s- he raced wayyyy before jackie robinson was even around or born for that matter.

major taylor was truly was an american icon- yet, no one knows who he is. the textbooks all point to jackie robinson being one of the first black professional athletes, but where's major? Jessie Owens wasnt even thinking about the olympics back then, but he's still in the textbooks... really, no one knows about major's accomplishments and breakthroughs in athleticism and ethnic discrimination. it's really sad.

produce by Scott Mednick (300, 10,000 B.C., We are Marshall; co founder of legendary pictures), and based off of the Andrew Ritchie biography of Major Taylor, i'm hoping for an authentic and entertaining representation of the great Marshall "Major" Taylor. more info can be found at



zero123 said...

This is a sweet article.
Who knows how good Major really was.

If he was lapping people in his day imagine how fast he would be with all the advancements in bicycle technology that are available today.

I mean this dude was hauling it on his ancient bike I bet he would be a bullet if he road a modern track bike.

J.mika'ele said...

oh man, that's something i havent even thought of. you have to give it up for how fast he was on what he had because, lets be honest- there's a reason why cotter pin cranks and wood wheels dont exist anymore. the kid was a train, and a genuine american as well. he really deserves to be recognized as one of the first african american champion athletes. not only that, an internationally recognized black american athlete.

what i would love to see is how he would do in the 80's where everyone was experimenting with aerodynamics. can you imagine how fast he would be taking corners on a cinelli laser? but then again, could you imagine him racing with an affinity kissena with carbon wheels? damn...

thanks for the insight!


Alejandroperez2009 said...

whats the tittle of this photograph, and whos the photographer??