Saturday, June 26, 2010

leader classified: I KNOW WHAT IT ISSSSSSS.

(via PC)
i saw this on pedal consumption and well, i'm gonna f*ck everything up. right here right now. yeah, it's no secret to me, and i'm sure it shouldn't be a secret to you either. youre probably sitting there going "it shouldnt?" no, it shouldnt.

i'm sorry to exploit brenton, but he made an error of putting these on his flickr (sorry dude, its just something i noticed!). you already know tyler johnson right? well this is what he's running. from these two angles you see the wishbone seat stays, and the curved seat tube. could use a little more rear clearance, you know hoe people are starting to run 29"...

(pics above via brenton salo)
looks like a mid bb, integrated headset, new gusset design. is this the new leader TRK? maybe.


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