Friday, June 25, 2010

eighthinch freestyle parts!

(via eighthinch)
man those bars at first made me go "eh...", but the more i see them the more i'm like "yeah.... i kinda like those." those raw finished bars are calling my name- i want them. for the skeptics they actually look really nice up close, i saw them when i was passing through sacramento on kris lockedcog's bike. you still have a small rise (5cm or 2 inches), but the look and strength of a bar with a cross brace. eighthinch is really putting alot into the fixed freestyle market and their dedication to the up;iftment of fixed gear components and bikes is unparalleled. and for the money, you cant beat it.

i wanna see the butcher frame. and the bueller wheelset. and the bash guard. COME ON EIGHTHINCH!!! btw can i test the butcher frame and the bueller wheelset... just saying... thought i'd try..


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