Tuesday, June 22, 2010

illustration crazy: barrel NY and ilovedust.

(via prolly)
i know the perfect dude who would want a poster of this. i'm not a big fan of riding tallbikes, but whenever i see a tallbike, you have to smile. i mean come on... prolly found this at barrel NY for $30. $30 for a poster that's 18" by 24"? i think i'll pass.

(via hipsternascar)
now this, this i want painted on my bedroom wall. and it looks simple enough, yeah? but get this, it goes through the whole tour de france circuit! isnt that fucking awesome? supposedly its is gonna be for bicycling magazine (which i think i still have a subscription of), and its done by ilovedust who has done bicycle illustrations before. i want this in a poster. NOW.


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