Tuesday, June 22, 2010

having a relapse.

(via PC, via micah)
i, jmik, am bummed. i miss my track cranks. i miss over bar skids. i miss mobbing hills without spinning out. i dont care if my setup isnt cool or hip or if it could barspin, i miss this part of fixed gear riding. when it was all about just going fast, and maybe throwing in a skid. no one cared about tire clearance, and no one cared about gussets. i can still throw down long ass skids, i can still do over bars, i really just miss that style of riding. call me a relic, and really i'm not- that was just 2 years ago when riding was like that. tricks are cool, but i really miss riding to scare the living shit out of me.

lets bring over bars back. lets bring the boulevard bomber back.



Gunnar said...

That's so true... bet all this coo new guys, FGFS superstars grinding and hoping around couldnt hold on 5 minutes in traffic.

Anonymous said...

Here, here. I actually subscribed to this blog assuming it would be focused on hillbombing and high speed etc. Though I am not surprised fgfs is so popular I am surprised there is not a larger hold out of hillbombers

J.mika'ele said...

well i mean my ratio isnt bad, i just find myself looking for more speed but pedaling harder (which is exciting too).

gunnar: i agree, and i will touch on this in an upcoming post involving what i think about the recent influx of the 26" fixed gear. after living in a small town where it's illegal to ride on the sidewalk (there's a pretty busy downtown area), and being with my bike for so long- i know what every single tweak or new component affect my machine. so now that the fixed freestyle section came in, the tricks that were once flowy and tricky are overshadowed with big air and "aint gotta look good, as long as i land it" mentality. theyre spectacles, but the soul and the speed and the flow arent there for me (some of the japanese riders got it though...)

anon: forgive me, i try my best to focus on riding in general. i had initially tried to keep this strictly about urban fixed gear riding culture, but so much FGFS has come about as of recent- it's mad. i recently went back to my roots and began to implement more than solely fixed freestyle. it's just really difficult when the only stuff out there i have to work with revolves around just a certain area of the fixed gear culture. i promise you, i'm scoping out and scraping up as much i can find.

thanks for reading guys!