Monday, June 7, 2010

i think i'm in love al over again: starf*ckers chimera
(via abovebikestore)
i first looked at this and thought it was a polished gt GTB. i'm a sucker for the GTB's and the signature triple triangle geometry (the broaklands too... are they still in business? anyone know?). on a second take i noticed the fork was completely wrong... this is the next frame from everyone's favorite bike company, starfuckers of japan. one of the unique things about this frame is the shape:
sure it's just like the original triple triangle, but there's a curve in the seat tube that gives it that narrow wheelbase. now because these only come in small sizes, they found that they could maximize the crank to the full potential by utilizing an eccentric bb:
this can also serve an alternative function of chain tensioning without worrying of the rear wheel is straight. not that you would have a problem since you can use the extra extra long dropouts.
this also serves purpose to running 26 inchers as opposed to 700c's which leads me to believe that the rear clearance is a little wider than the gtb i had initially thought it was. personally, i just want to see one of these in person...


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