Monday, June 7, 2010

gus molina's new SE rig.

(via gus' tumblr.)
i think.... i think i just sh*t my pants. wow that thing is gorgeous. if you dont know what frame that is, i should beat you with a stick- you have no idea how psyched i am for that frame...

 i swear man, everyone is in texas right now and on the 16th when the cultur road trip slips into NY.... shit is going to hit the fan. so many names up there i cant even describe. wish i couldve gone. actually... i wish stuff like this happened around these parts.... if youre not keeping track of where these guys are, here's the promo:
well this will be my last post for awhile cuz ill be gone on this road trip and its just now hitting me on how excited i am for this, i grew up watching road trip videos like road fools and now im going to be in one, i cant even start to explain how excited i am for this :) if i figure out how to send pictures from my phone then ill will be updating this but if not then see yah tumblr!
those last four cities are going to be ridiculously epic. like... silly epic. i cant wait for the edited to start pouring in...



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