Monday, June 21, 2010

the grime preview: preorder your yomang!

(via jkrillz)
JOEY! if you can find ted, give him a shitload of stickers to him. i'm gonna try to see him when he gets back (i'm not even sure if he's still in NY, but if he is throw him some stickers pleaaaase). some of those shirts on that table arent even on the webshop yet too... anyway, i heard that mike schmitt got on top of a uhaul truck with his grime YOMANG!, and wonka blasted a pallet ramp on his.

the grime is doing so many big things- hard to believe they started up just a few months ago. as for the grime YOMANG!, the frame is in the prototype stage, but preorders are being taken at

shouts to joey for being supportive of BHSK. cant wait for the grime site to be up. while youre preordering your frame, check out his blog too!

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