Monday, June 21, 2010


(via Rebel8)
that's right folks, it's time for me to bring out my marc johnson chocolate deck. fun facts: i'm a fan of chocolate skateboards and wont ride anything but. i always draw on my griptape. i never ride anything but spitfire classics because of john cardiel. i had hex diamond supply co hardware (yeah, i know- awesome shit right? that was before they became a nice ass clothing brand, remember? diamond is a hardware brand... you hypebeast, you.) but then i broke the shit out of them (oh you thought i was gonna say something positive)...

anyway, put the bike in the garage today and go mob a hill on that deck that's been neglected ever since you got you silly conversion bike.


btw, "And because of that, our INSTITUTIONALIZED Skateboard Deck will not only ship for FREE (US only), but sell for $50.00. TODAY ONLY."
-rebel 8


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