Friday, June 11, 2010

as people go wider, these guys go thinner: FOER rims

(via pc)
i've dealt with merry sales before, and these are coming out of that distributor. these are the foer rims, and cant find much about them. apparently they're 41.5 mm deep,  18.5mm wide, and have no machined sidewall. that being said, it's lighter than your traditional b43 or hplus son. but then, that being said, it's not to be tricked on- my iminusd is 19mm wide and i have to say it is a TOTAL BITCH to get tires on that thing. regardless, that polished one is looking GOOOOOOOD (imagine a radial laced front on a cannondale track. mmmmmmm delicioooooso...). contact your LBS and see if they're in the clear with merry sales to get them.


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