Friday, June 11, 2010

2011 Subrosa Malum and Letum Fixed

(via Subrosa)
many people overlook subrosa's fixed gear offering- initially the malum fixed, they expanded into 2 models: the malum AND the letum fixed. on first glance, it doesnt look like much is going on between these two, and they are the same frame to be clear. so... where does that leave us?  lets just say right off the bat that this thing can clear 38c's (comes standard on the malum fixed) and i believe it has the potential to clear at least a 40c. the differences hidden in the componentry. the letum is the basic setup and picks up where the malum was last year (deep vs, track cranks etc). the malum gets the updated components with bmx cranks (i think they're subrosa's bitchin cranks, which are really on point), spline drive spider, pc pedals- basically everything you would need. that being said, these 2011 models are looking sweet and subrosa definitely did their homework.

now change the geometry so it doesnt look or handle like a volume cutter.


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