Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Macashreda Photos 5/15/10

last saturday was my birthday and the macashreda crontest in sacramento. alot of heads showed and i wanna thank you guys for doing so! i'd also like to thank ted, squirrel, colby, cardiel, the lockedcog guys, the revoked guys, lucky leftys, the BFF crew, redbull, chrome, affinity, limey tees of chico, paul components, my girlfriend melissa who let me borrow her camera, and everyone else i missed. and sorry about the pixely shit, flickr is being unkind to me.

eddie, me, and jordan were among the few to come down from chico.

jakob's setup is dialed. he was telling us that the steer tube is bent- damn, i'm running the same frame from 2 years back and i still haven't managed to do that.

one of the very few photos of ted.

chris' volume thrasher is the shit. cant wait for that to drop.

love how half the photos of ted are from his backside.

this is kris lockedcog. he took a spill during sprints. i know its all pixely because i couldn't adjust the camera in time. it was pretty brutal.
this kid rips. after the event he was pulling slow wheelies. he also won the skids contest. he's like... 12.... or something.

this was a pretty aggressive footdown. next time, there will be no pegs... fuck....

this is my man eddie. he's a student at chico state, and he won the first ever boomerang sprints. if you have no idea what i'm talking about, it was an idea ted and i had where you would sprint to a line, and then ride fakie back to the start. at first we were reluctant to think that anyone would have the talent to ride fakie straight, but it actually turned out well. he beat out chris fonseca in the final round. look out for this dude.

this grom's got balls.  not only did he step up to the plate against the lockedcog guys and chris and jakob, he actually pulled some nice lines. i applaud you.

kris knows kung fu in that last snap. no but seriously, after seeing him take that spill skin on concrete, i didnt think he wouldve gotten back up. sure enough he went out and ripped it.

brad got his bike stolen the night before. so if you see it around let kris or brad know. after some sketchy tactics in sprints, brad borrowed someones bike and tore shit up. that footplant is nasty.

chris is everywhere. i remeber going to a sjf sprints event and he was there with carl and some other gnarcotix guys. he's a funny dude. this was the first time i got to see the thrasher up close and i have to say, it's perfect for the function it's made for.

when my cousin jordan heard that Jakob was coming he automatically said "NOPE, NOT DOING THE FREESTYLE" and who could blame him- jakob took it unanimously. and i'm pretty sure you the reader know why. speaking of tree, after the event there was a tree sesh. no, not that kind of tree:

well that's it.

Boomerang Sprints- Eddie Olmos
Skids- that one grom.
Standard Sprints- Dude with the dolan
Freestyle- Jakob Santos
Footdown- Chris Fonseca
Trackstands- Jmik (yeah, surprised me too.)

thanks for coming for those who did- i know it was hot, but thats what all the free redbull was for (im imagining some of you saying "what? free redbull? i shouldve gone...") again, i'd like to thank everyone who mad this possible and expect another next year!


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