Friday, May 14, 2010

massive video post: K@nt, Kosuke, kids, and a quicky.

this massive video post is brought you by the letter k (well not really, quicky has the sound of K... whatever, i say what i want.)

K@NT! and DESTROY from nasty on Vimeo.

i feel like i just got mind fucked. there's akate stuff, bike stuff and all around spastic cinematography. and i expect nothing less from k@nt! i think i just had a seizure. speaking of k@nt...

KOUSUKE from k@nt!™ on Vimeo.

K@nt!'s kousuke has some good lines. but damn, all that on an aluminum track bike... way to make me cringe. not only that, the carnival original frame isnt even out yet. dude... wow...

Children's Story. from Christian Musgrave on Vimeo.

and god said, the groms shall inherit the earth. i'm surprised that they used this song- it's one of the few rap song that i really love and know word for word. after watching this, it makes me think about how these youngin's are gonna change up the sport down the line. but, what i dont what i dont understand though is why is there a sketchy ass park in a parking lot?

Quicky from City Grounds on Vimeo.

damn, matt is a ripper. that drop in looks SKETCH. but you know how it is, the sketchier it looks, the better it looks. that nose manny at the end was perfect too. the city grounds team always comes through.


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