Wednesday, April 7, 2010

walmart mongoose "fixed speed" bike review by BSNYC
(via bikesnob)
here are some interesting things:
1)shoddy headset installation
2) it's a single speed bike, BUT it includes a sketchy ass lockring.

3)48 hole wheels. polo dolo?

5)best part: NJS SPACING.

i cant even sum this up well, you should read the review here. njs with polo wheels and a bmx style fork? trying to cover more aspects of fixed gear culture than you can chew walmart?



Nancy Resnikoff said...

I won't lie to you. If i were in the market for a beater bike polo wheelset I might consider just picking up the whole damn thing. There's always spacers. As for the rest of it, maybe jump it off a few high things to snap it in half for kicks n gigs n then sac it for parts. Wal-mart, you've once again provided disposable fun for a half hour. Thank you.

J.mika'ele said...

yeah, with that spacing i imagine the wheels getting tweaked after an hour of hard riding. i can also see that lockring failing and stripping the threads. i cant really see that freewheel working well.. or the headset.. or the bottom bracket...

okay so youre just paying for the wheels then...