Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shorty Fatz' Sam R. and Humble Beginnings Orly L. for Cukui

Sam is a good friend of bomb hills speed kills and is one half of the mind at ShortyFatz. Orly Locquiao is like me, a filipino with roots in the land of hawaii- just with hella tattoos. he also is a san jose legend in the tattoo world. Cukui (latinos know whassup- yeh i said it that way) is their brand that debuted last year. here's a preview of their spring collection:

(via hypebeast)
san jose, hawaii, the philippines, and latinos culture all in a shirt? it's like wearing my life story. i will definately pick up that "cukui world" baseball tee FOR SURE. support your local dudes here at their webstore. ikaikia's, a hello kitty with humpty hump glasses, a luchador, and a manong with fangs? i mean come on... if that doesnt sum up my life, i dont know what will. good shit sam and orly!



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