Tuesday, April 6, 2010

update on chrome's turds for gold project.

"On March 17th, we posted a message on the Chrome Facebook Fan Page
announcing to anyone who'd read it, that if they shipped us a pair of
shoes from their closet and had the package postmarked by the 18th, that
we would, in turn, send them a free pair of Chrome shoes.

Having recently started making footwear for the harsh demands of city
living, we wanted to give the general public the opportunity to
discover for themselves just how incredible these shoes are. We expected
to see somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 pairs being donated. We’ve
been receiving shoes for over a week now from all over the world. Enough
to fill up an entire 40 foot long container and then some. Lets just
say it’s probably close to ten times as many as we expected.

Turns out the interweb is a incredible means of communication. Who
knew? Given the overwhelming response, we’re now going to be giving 500
pairs of shoes to the local St. Vincent de Paul, recycling close to
1,000 pair that can no longer be worn, distributing several hundreds
ourselves to those currently living on the streets here in San Francisco
and an additional 3,000+ will be going to Haiti with the help of the
Soles4Souls organization.

Many thanks to all who participated in this program and donated their
shoes! Everyone that is located in the U.S., we'll begin shipping at
the end of this week so expect to see some new shoes in the mail in the
next few weeks! For all international shipments, expect to see something
within the month.

The following photos are a quick snapshot from the past two weeks of
what resulted in an amazing experience that we'll never forget...

they deserve a nobel peace prize. or a statue in sf or something. seriously, about 5000 sneakers!?!?!

i think my pair is in this snap.

looks like someone threw out their rebel sk8 hi's. i wouldve bought those from you if you're out there.

someone sent in their ninja shoes. yes, ninja shoes.

chrome, you guys are aewsome


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