Tuesday, April 6, 2010

chico fixed gear comp. update: thanks grime st. crew and zlog!

today i got a bunch of shit from zach and joey krillz! FUCK YEAH! thanks for pulling through for me guys, ted and i really appreciate it. this is only a little snippet of the prizes and such. with that out of the way...


this sunday sunday sunday! yes, we do it old school: long skid, trackstands, footdown, backwards circle, freestyle, sprints (yeah i forgot to put that on the bill. so shoot me, i run this), and 2 mystery events. these events are unbeknownst to me, only ted knows what they are. i say it's a fakie drag race, but i only know of 3 people in town who can even go fakie in a straight line. and i'm not one of them HA! we're getting ready for this one, ted just slapped some 35's on his affinity.

oh, and thanks to synthesis for allowing us to run an ad in their mag.


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J.mika'ele said...

happening rain or shine.