Saturday, April 3, 2010

saving the track bike, one poster, jersey and wheelie at a time.

(via PC)
jesse brew makes artwork that reminds me of 70's or 80's Public safety announcements- which isnt a bad thing at all. this time around it's all about saving the track bike. i suggest you take a looksie at his art which mostly has to do with fixed gear cycling. now this needs to be made into a poster:
(via PC)
yeah, i think it's a gan well pro.... all carbon too... (*some purist faints*) and those look like njs dura-ace track hubs (*njs purists faint*). HA! well, wake up dudes, i got something that will make you feel better about the world:

okay, so it's a green track jacket so what?




keirin cycles has the right idea even though the weather is coming up. no info on how to get one yet, but damn do i want one. oh and one of those silly keirin helmets too so i can run around town looking like a nut.


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